Accountants in the UK with international expertise.

Many investors are attracted to the UK because it is one of the most open and diverse countries in the world.

But as with any international market, it comes with its own specific set of challenges. As accountants in the UK Thomas Coombs will act as your commercial guide to the UK accounting regime, ensuring your business can capitalise on the commercial opportunities available in the UK.

Invest in the UK with Thomas Coombs

Incorporation | assisting with the formation of a commercial entity in the UK, as well as advice on commercial VISAs if required.

Infrastructure | advice on setting up an essential professional network, including banking services, solicitors and communicating with UK regulators.

Accountants in the UK | UK businesses are governed by an extensive and complicated tax regime unlike anywhere else in the world. We’ll act as expert advisers, guiding you through your liabilities and implementing a cost-saving tax strategy.

Audit | overseas owners are under no obligation to use the UK division of their Group Auditors and are free to appoint an independent firm, such as Thomas Coombs for their UK needs. We offer a tailored approach which results in a cost-effective audit focused on adding value. We have extensive experience in liaising with Group Auditors and completing Group Audit questionnaires to tight deadlines.


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