Charities are now expected to run more like commercial enterprises than selfless and passionate organisations.

And sometimes, this can mean putting charitable objectives last.

At Thomas Coombs, it’s our job to put those objectives firmly back in focus by providing an expert and insightful accounting and compliance service.

How we help charities and not-for-profit organisations

Charity VAT and taxation | we’ll make a comprehensive assessment of all your activities and consider how best to arrange them from a tax-centric point of view. This includes gift aid, annual adjustments, property, fundraising, VAT rateable goods and contracts, trading subsidiaries and tax returns. Think of this service as your annual accounting health check.

Charity audits & independent examinations | Thomas Coombs is able to provide a comprehensive audit service carried out by experts in the third sector. We believe our four-step process makes all the difference. That includes planning, fieldwork, finalisation and feedback – working with you collaboratively at each stage to ensure a smooth and stress-free audit and examination.

Charity fundraising and gift aid | we can review your policies and procedures on gift aid, check documents and websites for information provided to donors and then test your records to see how you would fare in an inspection visit from HMRC.

Expanding gift aid | if you’re looking to introduce gift aid into your charity shop network or corporate fundraising, we can advise on the steps required, as well as any of the tax implications.

New initiatives | if you are setting up new fundraising schemes, we can advise on the best ways to take advantage of gift aid and other tax reliefs and ensure VAT is treated correctly.

Other types of donations | did you know that there are other ways of tax-effective giving? These include, for example, donating shares or property. Guidance is essential here, as there are some specific anti-avoidance rules for significant donations where specific expertise will be required.

We're here to help

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