Is your charity taking full advantage of grant funding opportunities?

The UK Charity Governance Awards, which took place on 26 May, saw six charities receive an unrestricted grant of £5,000.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations are reliant on funding in the form of either grants, fundraising, or donations to continue their work.

As getting funding is vital for charities, we have outlined our top tips to obtain grants:

Check you are eligible

Most grants, whether they are available from the Government or private organisations, will have criteria that will need to be met to be eligible.

Grant applications can be time-consuming, so it is important not to waste valuable time and resources on grants for a specific sector that your charity is not involved in.

Have an action plan

Grants are often competitive, with a lot of different charities, and possibly businesses being eligible to apply.

Also, when it comes to investing money in a cause, those offering the grant will want to ensure that their money is going to be spent wisely.

Therefore, they may require a breakdown of how your current finances and how the funds would be allocated.

Your plan should clearly outline how your plan relates to the aims of the grant. For instance, if the grant is open to charities that contribute towards renewable energy, you must state the method your charity would use and how this will meet that goal.

Sell your pitch

Why should your charity receive the grant over other noteworthy causes?

You must be able to justify why your charity should receive the grant, whilst referring to the work that you currently do and your aspirations for the future.

Factor in the amount that the grant is offering and ensure it is clear how this would enable you to make a difference for the cause.

For advice and support on maximising grant opportunities, please get in touch with our charity team.

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