Stress Awareness Month: Tips for easing workplace stress

April is Stress Awareness Month which provides the chance to raise awareness of stress in our lives and ways we can lessen the harm of its negative effects.

We all have a part to play in tackling the stress epidemic, from individuals to workplaces.

The consequences of stress in the workplace can be seen in high staff turnover, increased sickness levels, employees not taking their full annual leave entitlement and decreased productivity.

For businesses, acknowledging stress in the workplace and implementing ways to deal with it is crucial as work often plays a huge part in people’s lives.

By helping to mitigate the harmful effects of stress in the workplace, businesses can improve employee satisfaction and retention, which will ultimately prove a boost to the productivity and success of the company.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind to help combat stress in the workplace.

Communication is key

Let your team know that they can speak to you about any concerns they may have around stress and mental health. If a member of the team has experienced mental ill health before, it may be useful to talk with them about their symptoms and any work-based triggers. This means you are better equipped to help them in the future and any other members of the team who may be struggling with their mental health.

Create a positive environment

As a leader, get all staff engaged and feeling like part of the team, perhaps through company days out and wellbeing schemes. Employees who feel valued are likely to feel much happier at work which will mitigate the effects of stress.

Get trained up

From mental health first aiders to charters pledging to enact positive policies to help mental health in the workplace, there are a host of initiatives for businesses to take part in. Why not enrol the management team up for training on mental health first aid, so that they have the confidence and skills to help team members when they need it?

Keep team members in the loop

Keep employees informed about workplace changes and be clear about job roles. People can become stressed when they feel powerless, so let team members have their say on proposed changes. This will also help them to feel engaged and empowered in their roles.

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