At Thomas Coombs – the Yorkshire accountants – we believe in a no-nonsense approach to taxation and in particular, making sure that the money you have worked hard for benefits you and your family.

Our specialist tax team, led by Richard Wolk, will provide you with advice on all aspects of personal and business tax planning in order to optimise your tax position.

When it comes to protecting and passing on your wealth there are many tax-saving opportunities available, including the creation of trusts.

A trust can:

  • Be a helpful tax planning tool
  • Protect your personal assets from creditors
  • Provide for beneficiaries who are too young, unwell or disabled and would have difficulty dealing with financial matters themselves

A trust can also be a tax-efficient way of ring-fencing your assets and reducing your inheritance tax bill, enabling you to pass on more of your wealth to the next generation.

We can advise on the most suitable type of trust for your particular circumstances, help you set up the trust and provide the full range of accounting services required for trust management.

For more information about trusts, please contact us.

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