What can we promise self-employed traders, investors and landlords? Well, three things, in fact.

Total peace of mind that your taxes will be reported correctly and on time. Tax-saving tips throughout the year. And lifelong advice that will help you fund your retirement and ensure you pass down more to your family.

Why personal tax clients use Thomas Coombs

Annual returns | it’s a legal requirement to report and pay your taxes to HMRC each year. Passing this task to us to complete on your behalf is simple. We’ll ensure you stay fully compliant, know how much tax you’ll pay and when, and offer advice on how to reduce past, present and future bills.

Other taxes | we also advise on a number of other taxes and costs, including capital gains tax, stamp duty, expenses, VAT, mortgage interest relief, sector-specific taxes and overseas taxes. If you have an issue, just ask!

Executorships and inheritance tax | an important part of our service to you is providing lifelong advice. This includes reducing the amount of inheritance tax and, if desired, take executorship of your estate. This ultimately means you pass down more to your family and alleviate the administrative burden after you’re gone.

Tax investigations | even if you are confident that your tax affairs are in order, it does not mean that you will not be selected for enquiry. The Thomas Coombs tax investigations service is designed to reimburse the costs of your defence in the event that you are selected for enquiry, whilst at the same time providing you with the best possible representation. You’ll even gain access to our 24-hour tax investigation helpline.

We're here to help

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