Trust Planning

Protecting your assets and wealth requires careful financial planning. Depending on your circumstances, a trust could be an effective way to preserve your family’s wealth for the benefit of future generations.

We will work with you to decide whether a trust is appropriate for you.

We can help you to identify which type of trust fund is best for your particular circumstances.

We will also advise you which assets should be placed in a trust in order to minimise your exposure to inheritance tax.

Inheritance Tax Planning

When you’ve worked hard all your life, it is understandable that you will want to ensure the wealth you’ve generated will benefit the people that are important to you when you are no longer here.

We provide an expert inheritance tax (IHT) planning service to ensure that your beneficiaries are not left with an excessive tax bill.

IHT is currently imposed at 40 per cent on estates with a value in excess of £325,000.  The value of many homes exceeds the IHT threshold and so it makes sense to seek professional advice sooner rather than later.

Although minimising tax liabilities is important, it’s equally essential to make sure that you retain sufficient capital and income to provide you with a comfortable standard of living.

We can help you put plans in place to make sensible provision for you and your family, planning for any future changes to your home or care needs in later life.

Our range of IHT planning includes:

  • reviewing existing wills and arranging for new wills to be drawn up where necessary;
  • advising on the transfer of assets into trust;
  • securing the residential nil rate band for main residences;
  • identifying assets that qualify for business or agricultural property relief;
  • explaining which assets could be given away with a minimal tax liability, and
  • making full use of all other available IHT exemptions.

 How Can We Help?

Our specialist tax team, led by Richard Wolk, is able to provide comprehensive estate planning services ensuring that your tax burden is minimised, allowing you to pass on more of your wealth to those you choose.

We're here to help

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