Why do clients use our tax specialists to save them money? It’s simple. We go the extra mile to explain, in a language you’ll understand, the impact of our strategy so you can make better-informed decisions about the tax you’re paying.

How we help clients save money

Specialists in business tax | Thomas Coombs is proud of our in-house tax expertise, led by highly regarded tax specialist Richard Wolk.

Business and corporate tax | we take the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation out of your hands and use our tax expertise to help you pay less. This includes specialist advice and professional support in areas such as R&D tax credits or implementing tax-efficient employment remuneration packages.

Value added tax (VAT) | complex? Yes. But with Thomas Coombs by your side, we take positive steps to ensure your business is paying VAT the right way. That includes staying up to date with the constant stream of changes in regulation and making a critical assessment of your VAT liabilities.

Internal systems | tax is changing. With the future of tax reporting looking to go increasingly digital, developing and updating your systems will play an essential role in staying compliant. As certified advisers in cloud accounting systems, we’re equipped to steer your business through the transition to paperless accounting.

Personal tax | adding value to the service we provide you is important to us. We’ll get the basics right, and then do more to help you save money, invest wisely and capitalise on exciting business opportunities.

We're here to help

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