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Clubs and associations are under ever greater pressure to operate within strict financial rules that require them to be open and transparent about their governance.

With many organisations run by passionate owners and members, it can create a lot of stress and lead to additional costs to just remain compliant.

Having worked with a wide range of organisations during our firm’s long, proud history – including former links to Leeds United through our founders – we understand the pressures that golf clubs, sports clubs and other associations face – working with you to alleviate the strain and help you grow.

How we help clubs and associations

We offer many different services to clubs and associations, including:

VAT and taxation– We offer clubs and associations a full assessment of their activities so that we can formulate effective approaches to VAT and taxation, taking into consideration a wide range of reliefs, such as gift aid, where an organisation has a charitable element.

Accounting – We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting service that ensures you have a clear picture of your organisation’s financial health at all times and the best internal controls in place.

Auditing and regulatory compliance – if your club or organisation is bound by strict rules or you are required to conduct regular audits of your accounts, we will ensure you remain compliant and have the advice on hand to deal with any queries you receive.

Fundraising – We know that many clubs and associations rely on fundraising to supplement their income. We can help you to review your policies and procedures around fundraising to ensure they are compliant and help you make the most of the money that is donated to your organisation.

Investment and finance – If you need to make improvements to your club or association you may need to seek out investment or take out finance. We can help you to review the options that are available and find the approach that is best suited to your needs.

Our friendly team of specialists can support your clubs or association every step of the way. To find out more about our services, please contact us.

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