The situation surrounding coronavirus is fast moving but we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to help you in meeting your objectives and priorities and following the latest advice from the UK government to manage any consequences for our clients and our people. We at Thomas Coombs have put in place some measures to ensure that we keep business continuity.

All staff and Directors have laptops and can work remotely. Most of our staff are working from home and only calling into the office to collect files. We have a small number of employees in the building on a full-time basis all adhering to the Government Covid Secure guidelines. A significant proportion of our client records are held electronically which means that our people should be able to access most documentation needed for our usual processes and should have limited need to access any physical files held in the office.

Our working practices enable us to use our resources to support each other when necessary. In the event, that resourcing levels are compromised due to illness or inability to work, we will consider how resources are used to their best advantage. It is likely that will mean a prioritisation of urgent workloads and we will inform our clients should such a situation arise.


We deal increasingly with email rather than post, with clients and other contacts. We would encourage you to use email where possible. If you do not know the name of the relevant person to email please send to the inbox, the email will be forwarded to the relevant person/department.

In the event the office becomes inaccessible for any substantial length of time we will have the post and the main switchboard redirected to the home address of the Assistant to Directors.

However, should the office be closed it would only be for the short amount of time it takes to organise and have the building “deep cleaned”.


For many of our clients, face-to-face meetings are an important part of moving things forward, but we recognise that this might not always be feasible. We have excellent facilities available for telephone conferencing, which is important for many of our clients from an efficiency point of view.

We care continuing to meet with our clients in person both on and offsite where it is sensible to do so, taking account of the UK Government guidelines.

Before you attend our office, you will be contacted by a member of the team to run through a quick Covid-19 checklist, this applies to everyone attending the premises. If you meet the criteria set out in the checklist (NO to all questions), you will be allowed to visit the office. On the day of your meeting you will be asked to complete a quick questionnaire to confirm you are still meet the regulations for entry. We will only keep this information for 21 days in accordance with the Government Test and Trace guidelines. After this period, we will destroy your given information.


For scheduling team visits to clients, you will be contacted by one of our team prior to their attendance on your site. Our staff will complete a Covid-19 checklist related to the safety of your premises. If your premises meet the criteria set out in the checklist (NO to all questions), the visit will take place as planned We ask for your assistance with this matter and would expect a client to inform us of any contact with coronavirus.

It is important that we take these proactive steps to minimise the spread of COVID-19. We will react proportionately to ensure that we continue to provide the excellent service that our clients expect in delivering against your key objectives and priorities. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and will take the appropriate action as necessary. We want you to know how much we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time.

Should you have any queries whatsoever, please speak with your key contact(s) at Thomas Coombs as soon as possible.