World Fair Trade Day: how can your business aid Climate Justice?

As World Fair Trade Day approaches (on 14 May 2022), it is the perfect time to reflect on how your business could do more to promote fair trade.

The theme for this year’s World Fair Trade Day is Climate Justice, which focuses on ensuring those impacted by climate change are provided with fair and sustainable solutions.

Climate change is an issue that affects us all however, the countries that cause most of these problems do not see the immediate effects.

This becomes a matter of social injustice, with the climate crisis having a detrimental impact on some individuals’ lives.

So, how can your business make a difference?

It is important for businesses, especially those that manufacture goods, to consider the impact that their operations have on climate change.

With the UK’s target to be Net Zero by 2050, most businesses should have already outlined a strategy to reduce their environmental impact, but this must be regularly revisited and factored into the business plan.

Small changes, such as going paperless, can make a big difference to a business’ waste, with the added benefit of being more cost-efficient.

When it comes to choosing a supplier, businesses should not only consider monetary factors but should also consider the ethics of a proposed partner.

For instance, companies that are recognised by Fairtrade are certified to be fair to workers, such as farmers, by ensuring they meet certain standards of pay, working conditions, and sustainability.

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